Bulls Masters Under 16 Youth Cup Cancelled as Cyclone Jasper Approaches Cairns

December 10 2023

Trying to organise a four day long cricket carnival in the outdoors has its challenges especially when a cyclone is hovering with intent off the coast. The old saying, “deal with what’s inside your control” has been applied and the Youth Cup has been cancelled for 2023.

“We regret that we had to make this decision, however the safety of the players and their families was paramount in the making of this decision”, Queensland Country Cricket secretary, Fay Neubecker said.

With up to 350mm of rain predicted to be dumped on Cairns in the coming days, locals needs to be preparing for the possible damage of flood and high winds was also a major contribuing factor to the cancellation.

This is the first time a Bulls Masters event has needed to be cancelled due to extreme weather.

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