The Border Group

The Border Group

An initiative created by the Bulls Masters, the Border Group is a collective of Queensland-based businesses working together to ensure Queensland keeps developing Australian players of the future.

The Border Group assists the Bulls Masters in visiting outback regions when they are at their most vulnerable, giving families and townsfolk reprive from the torture of drought and other heartbreak. Whether it be aged care, school programs or disengaged kids, the Bulls Masters are a unique group of passionate past Queensland players working to make a difference. With cricket needing an organisation like the Bulls Masters for reasons much greater than the sport itself, national cricket great Alan Border has proudly associated his name with the group, and it is with his support and that of these generous local businesses that the Bulls Masters can continue to serve the great state of Queensland.

“The Border Group will ensure Queensland keeps developing Australian players of the future through programs run and launched by the Bulls Masters and regional communities will continue to receive support and understanding from all past Queensland players. Join me in this journey, for what could be another opportunity to display the unique Queensland spirit”

The Border Signature
Alan Border – The Border Group Ambassador

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    It is our members and corporate partners that assist Bulls Masters in continuing our work throughout Queensland communities. If you would like to become part of the Bulls Masters, we want to hear from you.