Youth Cup teams announced

November 18 2020

A little over three weeks to go until the Bulls Masters Youth Cup begins in Bundaberg and the teams have been named!

Wide Bay Flames

Oliver Bembrick
Logan Beutel
Tom Currin
Ronan Dempsey
Jack Geldard (c)
Hunter Everard
Matthew Parker
Will Robinson
Nathan Roderick
Jayden Santacaterina
Harrison Sippel (vc)
Riley Sippel

COACH: Leanne Sippell
MANAGER: Matthew Sauer
MENTOR: Nathan Hauritz

Far North Fusion

Dalton Butler
Tait Coghlan
Brashar Coutts
Steele Gadd
Myles Howard
Tristan Lopez
Aiden Matthews
Chance Riggs
Brecon Weatherstone
Matt Wilkins
Hamish Wright
Dwayne Margiotta

COACH: Anthony Potts
MANAGER: Stephen Gadd
SCORER: Andrew Wright

Suns Darling Downs

Morgan Bourke
Matthew Butters
Thomas Doherty
Joseph Fry
Callum Galvin
Regan Liebke
Paarth Menon
William Nason
Scott Radford
Matthew Spanner
Rex Tooley
Reilo Vermeulen

COACH: Patrick Nason
MANAGER: Brendan Galvin
MENTOR: Peter Drinnen

NQ Monsoon

John McLean
Jack Sullivan
Eric Roy
Christian Payne
Tyler Fryer
Jarrod Camer
Taj Petersen
Bailey Gould
Reece Foley
Ryan Scodellaro
Dean Jones
Oskar Morrison Beard

COACH: Adam Ibell
MANAGER: Anthony McLean
MENTOR: Alistair McDermott

Gold Coast Thunder

Jordan Baker
Linden Clark
Rhys Dacey
James Guthrig
Alastair Johnson
Mitchell Parkes
Harrison Ryan
Armaan Sidhu
Daniel Statham
Riley Tattle
Reef Webb
Griffith Williams

COACH: Glen Stevenson
MANAGER: Zak Lopez
MENTOR: Nathan Reardon

CQ Seamers

Jackson Dingle
Jake Hansen
Reuben Harrold
Josh Welsh
Connor McKenzie
Luke Sanderson
Griff Thomson
Kori Ramsden
Sam Young
Liam Welsh
Rian Pout
Chayce Newman

COACH: Troy Welsh
MANAGER: Tony Newman
MENTOR: Charlie Hemphrey

SEQ Stormers

Isaac Hardy
Dylan Crees
Aum Thanki
Zac Fisher
Lucas Seafont
Fareed Pandie
Fletcher Madden
Jack Talbot
Tom Stevenson
Sohail Khartree
Jared Adamski
Josh Martin

COACH: Brett Schmidt
MANAGER: Mark Adamski
MENTOR: Brendan Creevey

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