Over 40 T/20 Challenge Recognised


The Over 40s cricket carnival is a significant event to the Ingham district for a multitude of reasons including:.

1. It promotes the game of cricket to the younger generation who have the opportunity to witness the older members of their family participating in a sport with all of its comradery, charm and social effect clearly on display.

2. It is a form of recreational tourism in our district in that it attracts the return of many expatriates to the district, thus stimulating the local economy through the need for provision of services such as accommodation, meals, drinks etc.

3. It is an invaluable networking opportunity for the demographic which it attracts, that being the demographic that trends indicate are more than likely to suffer depressive illnesses, particularly in tighter economic times. The occasion provides the ability for such demographic to mingle with their peers, discuss their problems, swap ideas and generally be supportive of each other providing a gee up to those who may be struggling in life.

4. The social nature of the event allows ample catch up opportunity for many long-time friends who for reasons such as extreme workloads or otherwise do not have the opportunity to regularly socialise.

The Bulls Masters and The Herbert River XI, Line up for a photo after the T/20 match in 2016

· Our weekend overview

The concept of the Over 40T20 Cricket Challenge now enters its fourth year and was born through the love of Cricket and sport in general by many within the community. The competition is designed to foster community spirit and give participants an opportunity to once again enjoy the camaraderie only experienced when part of a team environment. It will also provide an opportunity for players over 40 years of age to once again play Cricket without needing to make the commitment to play for an entire season.
The 2017 Over 40T20 will be held on the 28th April to 30th April at Butler Park in Ingham. Ten teams of 15 players will be graded into pools to play 4 modified Twenty 20 matches over the weekend competing for great prizes and the honour of being titled 2017 champions.
To maintain local community spirit only players who currently reside within the 4850 postcode or players who have lived within the 4850-postcode area for 3 years will be eligible to participate.
The Bulls Masters have pledged their support in 2017 by providing guest speakers including panel interviews and entertainment for our event meet and greet to be held 28th April. Participants and spectators will then enjoy an exhibition match and children can develop skills by attending Queensland Cricket hosted junior clinics on Saturday 29th April.
The Over 40T20 organizing committee shares the view of using funds raised from the event to develop local cricket by providing equipment, improving existing infrastructure, upskilling volunteer coaches and investing in the development of Herbert River Cricket.

2017 Estimated numbers 1100 across the weekend with 350 to 400 expected for Friday night meet & greet. There was 347 at 2016 Friday night event with 1000 over the entire weekend.

Since the competitions beginnings we will have given back approximately $60000 in prizes and giveaways to participants, some $90000 in business house support including a direct injection of $60000 to our local economy for goods and services across over 20 local businesses. The event will have supported local third party beneficiaries (including hotels, motels, Lions Club etc) in excess of $50000 conservatively. Additionally, in conjunction with HRCA we have injected $7000 into financial support for representative players and provided opportunities for junior and senior development by hosting clinics supported by former Qld Bulls coaching staff. As an indication of the clubs success over the past 2 seasons, 17 cricketers across a range of ages went on to represent North Queensland at both club and school level.

~ Greg Erkkila (President) and Steven Marbelli (Committee) members of the HRCA “Party Time” Over 40T20 Challenge Committee.

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