The Border Group

From Allan Border...

The Bulls Masters are, in their own right, the most innovative organization of their kind in our great country. Cricket, being the number one sport of our nation needs to ensure that this group of past players can maintain the relationship that is being nurtured with the current playing group for many years to come, and therefore create a strong and robust Australian Cricket structure and standard.

My involvement in cricket these days is restricted to broadcasting duties, however when the opportunity arises, I do not hesitate to get involved in touring with the Bulls Masters and get actively involved in the communities that are being visited. It always gives me great joy and satisfaction to see the motivation and the standard of youth in our country regions, and of course this can’t happen without the passion and foresight of organizations such as the Bulls Masters.

The Bulls Masters stands for all that is Queensland and the spirit that our first Sheffield Shield victory was built on. Way back in 1994/95, we embarked on a season of cricket like no other. I had retired from Test Cricket, but there was one thing left that was burning in my stomach, the fact that we had not won that elusive Shield. A new coaching direction and a team of extremely talented young players took the step up to the level that made me want to achieve winning this “Holy Grail” that had eluded us for so long. It is amazing what youth can do for experience, and it certainly did that for me in that I wanted more than ever to ensure this elusive trophy would be ours once and for all. It was to be, victory was achieved, and that Queensland spirit that is well known, went on to win again and again while continuing to produce players in Australian colours for years to come.

Cricket in general needs an organization like the Bulls Masters for reasons much greater than just our sport. The enormous lift that it provides when visiting Outback regions when they are at their most vulnerable, giving families, children and all towns-folk a brief relief from the torture of drought or to hear similar stories from their most admired celebrities that all of a sudden stand before them with an open ear talking in their plight, while also laying their soul’s bear with stories of heartache of their own. Whether it be aged care, school programs, disengaged kids visits without powerful messages, the Bulls Masters are truly a unique group of passionate past Queensland players waiting to make a difference.

It is for this reason that I want to put my name to this opportunity created by the Bulls Masters… The Border Group. Your involvement in this group will ensure that all of the above, plus more, will continue to serve this great state of Queensland. It will ensure Queensland keeps developing Australian players of the future through programs run and launched by the Bulls Masters It will also ensure regional communities will continue to receive support and understanding from all past Queensland players. Join me in this journey, for what could be another opportunity to display the unique Queensland spirit and engage our company’s to be a large part of what we are achieving.

Allan Border